The Art of Coaching is a book to shift thinking and open up new possibilities, to stimulate fresh insight, to adapt to your needs as a coach or manager and to use creatively in practice. Written by two experienced, highly qualified international coaches and supervisors, this creative book offers ideas to use across the range of coaching contexts including leadership, decision making, change and supervision.

Combining brand-new, original diagrams with classic models from the learning development and management fields, Jenny Bird and Sarah Gornall have a created a valuable resource for quick reference, instant accessibility and fast learning, built on a strong theoretical base. Each model in the book is explained with a clear, accessible diagram and a simple guide to what it is, how it works and how to put it into action. The text is full of inspiration for applications of the ideas in scenarios based on real coaching practice.

The Art of Coaching will be an invaluable companion for coaches looking for new ways of developing awareness with clients, coaching students and trainees, coach supervisors, learning and development professionals and those working in human resource departments.

Publish Date: mid September 2015

Order The Art of Coaching: A Handbook of Tips and Tools via Routledge (£19.99 with discount code COU16 which gives 20% off. £1.50 delivery) or Amazon (£22.49 including delivery)

“This book is a joy to read. The choice to use a ‘constant interplay of words and images’ makes this rich resource, eminently readable. It brings to the table wide-ranging practices for coaches, leaders, managers, mentors and supervisors – a veritable feast of images, ideas, suggestions, new tools, intriguing models. Creativity is explored and shared so generously and the reader is encouraged at every point to play with the practical and imaginative ideas in this book. The authors’ extensive experience shines from every page and the reader is offered plenty of further reading. A unique and valuable addition to professional literature!” – Edna Murdoch, Founder and Director of the Coaching Supervision Academy, UK.

“Jenny Bird and Sarah Gornall have distilled an extensive range of models that coaches at all levels will value. With their deep understanding of the purpose and practice of coaching this book is a great resource for practicing coaches. From contracting to creativity, this menu of models based on imagery and diagrams is written in an accessible summarised manner. Prompting ways to use each model rather than prescribing, the handwritten illustrations exude a working style that is both insightful and practical. Drawing on the power of metaphor and exploring how to use shapes to get to better understanding, this book will help coaches to move their clients beyond the analytical bias endemic in most executive roles, and get to insights that will make a real difference to their personal and professional effectiveness.” – Penny de Valk, Managing Director, Penna Talent Practice, London, UK

“The Art of Coaching is a very informative and useful leader’s toolkit that captures many different lenses to view and develop their teams and themselves. It provides tried and tested methods that allow you to roll your sleeves up, get the right perspective and encourage effective change.” – Priyesh Khanna, Managing Director, Risk, Deutsche Bank, UK