The Authors – Jenny and Sarah

Jenny Bird is an exceptionally skilled, highly qualified, hugely experienced executive coach. Her coaching is based on a great zest for life and a profound belief in the potential of each individual. She is also a qualified and experienced coach supervisor, working with individual coaches and groups of coaches, both internal and external, to ensure that they continue to work at their very best. Her coaching clients are strong leaders who know they can be even more and are ready to challenge themselves. With Jenny they create a coaching partnership to help them identify opportunities, achieve more……..and enjoy it.
Once described as “always a consummate professional and as mad as a box of ferrets”, Sarah Gornall is a personal and executive coach, supervisor and writer. Despite the “ferrets” accolade, clients describe her as calm, wise and knowledgeable! She writes both about coaching and approaches to learning and seems to be developing a specialism in co-authorship. Her third book, “The Art of Coaching: A Handbook of Tools and Tips”, written with Jenny Bird, is due for publication by Routledge in September 2015. She has previously collaborated with Mannie Burn (Coaching and Learning in Schools 2013), Maryl Chambers and Guy Claxton. Sarah is a Board Director of the UK International Coach Federation.

What people say about The Art of Coaching

“This book is compelling, it is fun, and it is comprehensive. To a large extent it can replace coaching itself: I am sure coachees will be delighted to work with it and might prefer the book to their coach. For coaches, it is the best representation of classic models I have seen – and it perfectly illustrates the balance between intellect and intuition which makes great coaching.” – Erik de Haan, Professor of Organisation Development & Director of Centre for Coaching, Ashridge Business School, UK

“Jenny Bird and Sarah Gornall make the case for a visual approach to working on issues in coaching. They share the models that they use, and explain how they use them, and how clients put them into action. They also illustrate how coaches and clients can create their own models and what this approach to creativity does to free up and empower clients. This book offers a heartening challenge to coaches who rely exclusively on speech and text, and offers a route to illumination for even those frozen into a world of words.” – David Megginson, Emeritus Professor of HRD at Sheffield Hallam University, UK

“When faced with introducing coaching in a corporate world, or getting an internal client to notice patterns of behaviour in a coaching session, words are not always enough. In my organisation, employees and leaders alike understand and relate to concepts and models and often have little time to engage in a conversation about the value of coaching! This book is written by two very experienced coaches who also understand organisations. It is essential to any HR, OD or L&D professional who wants to know about coaching, wants to introduce coaching in their organisation, or simply wants to strengthen their own coaching practice.” – Mylène Baxter, Group Head of Organisational Development, RES Group, UK

“To be an effective manager you need a number of skills to get the best out of your people. Coaching is one of the most valuable and rewarding and this book provides me with everything I need to practice and develop this essential skill.” – Kevin Croot, Senior Development Manager for Global Banking and Markets at HSBC, UK